How to Have Sex on Video Chat (Without A Lot of Fuss)

How to Have Sex on Video Chat (Without A Lot of Fuss)

Those in long-distance relationships already knew this but now with quarantine, many of us have discovered it: having sex in video chat can be really hot. There are also already several Zoom rooms for online sex parties and group orgies. But that's another story.

If you want to try it for the first time or feel you are missing "something," here are some tips we have heard, seen and read around to enjoy sex even when you can't touch each other!

Make an appointment

Especially if it is your first time make sure to do it at a time when you will not be interrupted or distracted by anyone. Clean your house, make your bed, in case shower and wig (except if you like to be a little dirty*, which some people do). Show your respect for each other by presenting a welcoming space.

Get there relaxed

Take a few minutes to relax, breathe, imagine some exciting scenarios and, if you want, start masturbating. This will also help you get through the first few minutes of the encounter, which can often be a bit awkward.

Preliminaries, always

Warming up without being able to touch means putting your partner at ease using words. Compliments, making the other person feel wanted or letting them know how it makes you feel is a way to warm up before taking off your clothes and touching.


In video sex, a lot of the action is given by words: clearly communicate to your partner what you want and what you like when they are doing it. You want to see less of his d**k and more of his face, okay, say it! Some people like to remain silent while others organize real role-playing scripts.

Not just sex

Sex is a whole body experience, don't focus-nor point the video-only on the genitals. At some point sure it will be much much sexier to see the vagina or penis, but that is not the focus of the experience.

Did someone say toys?

The most popular toy at the moment is definitely him because it has enabled many couples to feel united at a distance and to amplify the interaction: with the remote control, the partner can "control" the vibration remotely. Nothing prevents you from incorporating a dildo or rabbit during video sex to still make the encounter more stimulating for you and the other*.

Have fun

Don't put any pressure on yourself or expect any level of performance-it's really a playdate where you can try new things, be seen in different positions, and experiment with the video. If there's not the much hoped-for "happy ending," it doesn't matter much; when you see each other again, you'll have some unfinished business to tie up!

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