Female Reproductive Organs

What you Need to Know About the Size and Structure of Female Reproductive Organs.

Female Reproductive Organs - Learn what they are and how they work to support fertility and overall reproductive health.

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Female Reproductive Organs

Not out of curiosity, many women are interested in the size of their vagina. This is mainly due to discomfort and pain during intercourse. At the same time, women mistakenly believe that their vagina is obviously too small for male genitalia. This problem not only interferes with the enjoyment of full sex but also creates unnecessary complexes.




The female reproductive system includes not only the genitals but also the mammary glands and even part of the brain. Each part plays an important role, and they are all interrelated.


In turn, the genitals are also divided into external and internal. External includes:

  • pubic
  • Labia majora
  • Labia minora
  • clitoris
  • Vaginal vestibule


Every woman's external genitalia may be very different, just like the structure of the face. The difference is related to the size, shape, and pigmentation of the labia, the color, texture, number, and distribution of the pubic hair, and the appearance of the clitoris, vestibule, and hymen.

Labia size

The labia is the most obvious part of a woman's private parts. As the name suggests, they are similar to... lips.

Women have two sets of labia:

  • Large-fleshy, covered with pubic hair, located outside;
  • The small one hides in the big one.

Both pairs are used to protect the vagina. And they will increase during sex. Every woman's size is different. But according to an international study in 2005, scientists studied various aspects of the anatomy of the female labia. The average size of the labia majora is 7 to 12 cm, and the labia minora is 2 to 10 cm.

Vagina size 

The size of the vagina varies from woman to woman, but on average, the depth of the vagina is 7 cm at rest and 12 cm when excited. The smaller size can only be genital deformities or suturing of the vagina after surgery.


A normal vagina can fit a normal penis. What if the size of a man’s penis exceeds the prescribed twelve centimeters? Here you need to take into account that the vagina is quite elastic, which means that it swells and stretches during intercourse to accommodate an excited penis. 


The data from the Vagina Research Institute best describes the size of the vagina. Since 1995, the external genitalia and vagina have been measured there. To date, nearly 900,000 women have participated in this study. The sample size is large, so you can trust the results with confidence.

This is what they said, they investigated the size of female reproductive organs. In the non-excited (relaxed) state, 78.34% of women have a vaginal size of 7-9 cm. In the state of excitement, the size of the vagina increases to 13-19 cm, and 86.96% of women are 15-16 cm.

The smallest size of Japanese women's vagina: is 5-6 cm in the resting state, and 15-16 cm in the awake state. The largest is African women: 17-18 cm in the excited state and 9-10 cm in the calm state. By country, Zambia, Tonga, and Bermuda are in the leading position.



Men often say that their vaginas are smaller and "tighter" before giving birth. Let's see if this is the case. For this reason, some studies have shown that the vagina size of single women averages 8.21 cm in the relaxed state and 16.3 cm in the awake state.


In women in childbirth, the size of the genitals: is 8.52 cm in the relaxed state and 16.55 cm in the awake state. Therefore, the difference is only 2-3 mm, which is very insignificant.

It turns out that this myth was only thought of by men.It's definitely not like that. The problem here is not the size of the vagina, but the slightly smooth relief of the vaginal wall after childbirth. In addition, married women who have had sexual intercourse and childbirth experience are more relaxed during intercourse and will not squeeze the vaginal muscles like young women who do not have enough sexual experience.

Normally, if you use certain sexual postures and techniques, it will increase pleasure, including orgasm. In addition, there are some exercises that can strengthen the pelvic and perineal muscles, thereby improving the quality of sexual life.




It turns out that the size of an erect vagina is directly proportional to the height of a woman. Therefore, we can safely say that the taller a woman is, the longer her vagina is when she is excited. Studies have shown that women with a height of 160-169 cm have a vaginal size of 8.4 cm in a resting state and 15.55 cm in an excited state. In women with a height of 180-189 cm, the size of the genitalia is 8.31 and 19.46, respectively. Facts have proved that in the awake state, an average increase of 10 cm in height will "increase" the vagina size by about 1 cm.


The most important thing to know is that if your vulva does not cause physical pain or discomfort, it is completely normal. All study participants underwent physical examinations and were found to be healthy. Scientists hope that these results will convince skeptical women that they are okay. The concept of "large vulva or small vulva" was invented by those who just want to make a joke.

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